Next Generation Cloud Pricing Model


Pay only for the resources you really consume

No Longer Pay For Resources That Are Not Used

How Unispace Pricing Works

Every container hosted with Unispace PaaS is divided to granular units – cloudlets (128MiB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU). The system makes hourly measures how many cloudlets inside each container are consumed and requests the payment only for these used resources.

You can set up a maximum Scaling Limit for each container, so the resources will be always available in case of load spikes or other consumption changes.No matter how high the limit – the payment will be only based on real usageThe rest of allocated resources will be just waiting in the pool for the application to request them, and it is totally free of charge.

Reserverved Compute

 1 Cloudlet = 128MB RAM + 400Mhz CPU

These cloudlets are reserved in advance (using the topology wizard). You always pay for the configured reserved cloudlets, even if you use fewer resources.The discount level is the total sum of all Reserved Cloudlets per environment.

Cloudlets Per Month Per Hour Discount
1 – 7 €3,25 €0,004455 5%
8 – 14 €3,08 €0,004221 10%
15 – 29 €2,74 €0,003752 20%
30 – 59 €2,57 €0,003517 25%
60 – 119 €2,39 €0,003283 30%
120 –  €2,05 €0,002814 35%



Dynamic Compute

1 Cloudlet = 128MB RAM + 400Mhz CPU

Instant dynamic scaling resources for your application. You only pay for Dynamic Cloudlets in use. Use the Scaling Limit in the topology wizard to set the maximum allowed per server. The discount level is the total sum of all Dynamic Cloudlets in use per environment.

Cloudlets Per Month Per Hour Discount
1 – 7 €3,42 €0,004691 0%
8 – 14 €3,25 €0,004455 5%
15 – 29 €2,91 €0,003986 15%
30 – 59 €2,74 €0,003752 20%
60 – 119 €2,57 €0,003517 25%
120 –  €2,39 €0,003283 30%



Storage / Disk Space

Disk space is charged hourly per GB of disk space used in your environment. First 10GB is Free for every Unispace environment. Unused disk space is not charged.

Storage Used GB / hour GB / month*
up to 1 GB FREE FREE
1 GB –  €0,00019 €0,14

*Based on a 730-hour month.

Bandwidth / Traffic

Traffic usage is charged hourly basis & first GB of data transfer is free every hour. The discount level is based on the amount of external traffic used per environment in the previous month. Internal traffic is absolutely free!

External traffic Price per GB Discount Free / hour Free / month*
1 GB – 1,02 TB €0,040 0% 1 GB up to 730 GB
1,02 TB – 4,09 TB €0,038 5% 1 GB up to 730 GB
4,10 TB – 10,23 TB €0,031 22% 1 GB up to 730 GB
10,24 TB – 35,83 TB €0,022 44% 1 GB up to 730 GB
35,84 TB –  €0,018 56% 1 GB up to 730 GB

*Based on a 730-hour month.

Miscellaneous (Optional)

Other Components

Component Cost
Public IPv4 €4,53 / month
Public IPv6 FREE
CDN (Traffic) € /GB Traffic
CDN (Request) € / 1000 Requests

*Based on a 730-hour month.


We take a full backup of your environment every night (00:00 UTC). We keep 10 copies spread across 10 days. We can restore a full container or full environment on request.

Bakup Price/hour Price/month
Daily backup FREE FREE

LiteSpeed Web Server (Optional)

Litespeed is a high-performing web server for serving PHP. Litespeed is upto 6x faster than Apache and consumes lesser compute and memory resouces.


Plan Workers Domain Limit Max Cloudlets Cost per Hour
Starter 1 1 16 Free
Site Owner 1 5 64 €0,012 / hr
Site Owner Plus 1 5 Unlimited €0,019 / hr
Webhost Lite 1 Unlimited 64 €0,032 / hr
Webhost Essential 1 Unlimited Unlimited €0,045 / hr
Webhost Professional 2 Unlimited Unlimited €0,057 / hr
Webhost Enterprise 4 Unlimited Unlimited €0,080 / hr
Webhost Elite 8 Unlimited Unlimited €0,110 / hr
Web ADC 1 €0,13 per 1GB traffic per hour. Consumption beyond €58 / month is free


FAQ – Your Question?

Below are the most frequently asked questions on our PaaS cloud hosting that you may have.

Send an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.

What is Cloudlet?

A cloudlet is a composite billing unit comprised of 128MB RAM and 400 MHz CPU. Each Jelastic server has multiple cloudlets assigned to it, e.g. 8 cloudlets would give you 1GB RAM and 3.2GHz CPU power.

The number of cloudlets assigned to your servers at any one time varies based on the resource demands of your application.

How much does it cost?

We charge everything by hourly resource usage (against a pre-paid balance – no surprise bills!), for 4 simple resources:

RAM & CPU consumption (cloudlets)

Graduated pricing, from just 2,65 per month (€0,0036 per hour). Each cloudlet is 128MB RAM + 400MHz CPU Processing. You can add cloudlets to your environment as per your requirements

Disk usage

Your first 10GB (SSD) storage per environment is free. Any usage above that is charged at €0,13/GB per month (€0,00018/GB per hour).

The filesystem is persistent & RAID protected so everything you write there is safe, survives a reboot & disk failure as well.

Network traffic

Internal traffic between servers within your environment is always free.

The first 1GB Internet traffic every hour (approx. 730GB/month) is also free! Any usage above that is charged at €0,040 – €0,018 per GB (see the price details in pricing list).

Public IP address

By default, each request is proxied via the Jelastic shared resolver. For production hosting we recommend to use a public IP so traffic is routed to your environment without any potential bottleneck. Also required for custom SSL certificates.

Public IP is €4,53 per month. Your public IP is static, so it remains the same even when restarting your environment.

How do I control my budget?

You can set a maximum scaling limit for each server in your environment. This limits the maximum amount of resources your application can use (but it may run slowly or crash if there’s not enough – just like any other server), and hence also limits your costs.

How do I know my Cloudlet usage?

You can view real-time cloudlet consumption in the dashboard alongside your environment, and each individual server within it.

The dashboard also shows real-time graphs of CPU, RAM, network, and disk space consumption for each server within your Jelastic environments.

You’ll be surprised how little resources you actually use to run your application.

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