Kubernetes Cloud Services

Automatic installation, Clustering and Scaling. Pay-per-Use pricing and Multi-Cloud availability

Our Features

Benefits of Kubernetes Hosting with Unispace

Easy Start

Pre-configured components of Kubernetes and automated installation in several clicks do not require manual intervention

Hyper Scalability

The cluster is designed for automatic vertical and horizontal scaling with auto-discovery of new worker nodes

Flexible Automation

Integrated DevOps automation within the package can be customized and extended using open API and Cloud Scripting

Multi-Cloud Availability

Gain high availability and low latency distributing workloads across data centers and availability zones of different clouds

Simplified Management

Out-of-box Kubernetes dashboard is complemented with intuitive UI, built-in Web SSH and CLI for more convenient orchestration

Cost Efficiency

Pay only for consumed resources benefiting from container density and scalability, as well as pay-per-usage pricing model

Pre-Installed Kubernetes Components Out-of-the-Box

CNI plugin (powered by Weave) for overlay network support

Traefik ingress control for transferring HTTP/HTTPS requests to services

HELM package manager to auto-install pre-packed solutions from repositories

CoreDNS for internal names resolution

Dynamic provisioner of persistent volumes

Heapster for gathering stats

Unispace SSL for protecting ingress network

Kubernetes Dashboard

Flexible pricing

Pay-per-Use Pricing for Kubernetes Cost Efficiency

Unispace provides a unique process of automatic scaling with payment based on the real consumption, but not on the server size

Every container is divided to granular units

System makes hourly measures of resurces

You can set up a maximum Scaling Limit

You pay only for the used resources

14 Days of Free Hosting

Create apps, connect databases and add-on services, and collaborate on your apps, for free. No credit card, no contract!