Docker Containers as a Service

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Running Containerized Applications in the Cloud

Advanced features to make containers hosting smooth and scalable

Easy Deployment


  • Deploy from Public and Private Docker Hub Registries
  • Integration with Git/SVN and CI/CD tools
  • Support of stateful, legacy and microservice applications
  • Zero downtime re-deployment and automated updates
  • Deployment via “compose up” and “docker stack” commands

Automated Scaling


  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling based on load triggers
  • Containers auto-discovering and interlinking during scaling
  • Sticky load balancing and smart traffic distribution
  • Scaling limits for CPU & memory, disk space and I/O usage per container
  • Scalable prepackaged cluster for complex Dockerized application


Multi-Cloud Availability


  • High availability across multiple clouds
  • Disaster recovery and backups on external cloud
  • Multi-region hosting within 3 data centers worldwide
  • Live containers migration with no downtimes or vendor lock-in
  • Running on bare metal or from different vendors

Flexible Management

  • Intuitive UI for self-management
  • Advanced configurations through SSH and CLI
  • Interactive file manager, built-in stats, logs and load alerts
  • Configurable links, environment variables and volumes
  • Scripting of repeatable application life cycle tasks
  • Collaboration and access control
  • Automatic hibernation of idle containers

Pre-Configured Kubernetes Cluster

Production-ready scalable environments for containerized applications
  • Easily containerize existing applications and run hyper scalable microservices keeping them resilient to failures
  • Provision purpose-driven disposable clusters allowing full ownership and avoiding resource conflicts between development teams
  • Get extra savings due to more efficient resource utilization
  • Implement CI/CD automation and develop at a higher level of speed in shorter release cycles

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