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Your Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

WordPress Cluster Hosting

Scalable WordPress Cluster is optimized for high availability and installation in a single click across geo-distributed server regions

Magento Hosting

Auto-Scalable and high-available Magento Cluster hosting solution with load balancing, data replication and content caching.

Kubernetes Cluster

Automatic installation, clustering and scaling of Kubernetes with pay-par-use and multi cloud region availability.


Automated database clustering with pre-configured scaling and Master-Slave , Master-Master, Galera, Group Replication

PHP Hosting

Scalable PHP hosting with pre-configured LiteSpeed, NGINX and Apache application servers, modules and accelerators

Java Hosting

Efficient Java cloud hosting with out-of-box support of certified Tomcat, Spring Boot, GlassFish, WildFly, Payara, TomEE, Jetty

Docker Hosting

Running containerized applications in the Cloud, deploy from Public and Private Docker® Hub Registries

Our Features

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

PaaS with support of Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Docker and Kubernetes, available as public, private on-premise, virtual private, hybrid and multi-cloud

Easy Deploy

Zero code change deploy of cloud-native microservices and legacy monolithic applications

Intuitive Management

User-friendly UI, SSH access, open API and Cloud Scripting makes it easy to control workloads across clouds

Automatic Scaling

Vertical and horizontal scaling is performed automatically based on the current load and trigger alerts

Unified Multi-Cloud Experience

Gain global footprint offering your product across several data centers and clouds managed via a single panel

Pay-per-Use Pricing

Start free trial and eventually move to pay-as-you-use pricing model with no need to overallocate resources

Fast Deployment

Make your product available in the cloud in the cloud just in one click with packaging standard that fully automates provisioning


Flexible & Transparent Pricing

Turnkey Multi-Cloud PaaS

Unify and Automate Infrastructure Management


Stop wasting time on deployment and maintenance complexity, avoid vendor lock-in, cut cloud expenses, increase high availability and performance


Simplify management of IT infrastructure, modernize applications and innovate faster, increase cost efficiency and reduce time to market


Outrun competitors with fast digital transformation, concentrate on business but not on servers management, open new product lines easily

Easy Setup

One Click Installs

Popular pre-configured Technologies In One Click. Automatically install the following solutions and many others totally for free

WordPress Cluster





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